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What’s the best way to cool off and beat the summer heat? Here at WaTiki Indoor Waterpark, we are firm believers that nothing beats zipping down a water slide and plummeting into an ice cold pool! Waterparks have been a popular past time in the summer months and with the evolution of indoor waterparks, now you can keep having your water fun year-round. Since waterparks and indoor waterparks have gained popularity, let’s take a look at the exciting history of waterparks.

History of Waterparks
In the 1940s, America started to see a surge of waterparks. While it is quite difficult to track down the “first” waterpark, it is agreed upon that George Millay, was the man to take waterparks to new heights of popularity. George Millay was the creative idea behind Sea World and then in 1977 opened “Wet N’ Wild” in Orlando, Florida. After Millay introduced this waterpark, other waterparks started popping up throughout America featuring large slides ending in deep pools of blue. Then in the early 1980s, American waterparks started looking for inspiration to expand past slides and introduced lazy rivers from Asian waterparks and wave pools from European waterparks. For his contributions to the popularity of waterparks, George Millay was donned “Father of Waterparks” and given a lifetime achievement award in 2004 by the World Waterpark Association.

Evolution of Indoor Waterparks

Not only can you enjoy a waterpark outdoors, but indoor waterparks have gained popularity over the years. Indoor waterparks allow for fun any season and no matter the weather. The first indoor waterpark was built in Canada in 1985 in a mall. This first indoor waterpark opened the door for more indoor waterparks to break ground throughout the world. Indoor waterparks has allowed for places where an outdoor waterpark would not function like hotels, malls, or even ski resorts to cater to their guests and give them more options for fun.

Indoor Waterparks | WaTiki Indoor Waterpark

Waterparks Now

Today waterparks can be found all over the world with all kinds of features to add to the fun and excitement. Waterparks can be found not only at amusement parks but hotels, on cruise ships, and malls due to the evolution of indoor waterparks. Currently, there are over 1,200 waterparks in America and in the summer of 2012 over 85 million people went to a waterpark in North America.

WaTiki Indoor Waterpark

WaTiki Indoor Waterpark is the largest indoor waterpark in the Dakotas at 30,000 square feet of water-land fun! WaTiki Indoor Waterpark has been named one of the coolest indoor waterparks by Travel + Leisure. Currently WaTiki Waterpark boasts all kinds of indoor fun with slides, hot tubs, lazy rivers, and activity pools. WaTiki Indoor Waterpark is not stopping there and is looking forward to the expansion of their indoor waterpark to a whopping 70,000 square feet. WaTiki Waterpark will feature a looped slide and even a swim-bar with large projection screens so you will never miss your favorite televised event! WaTiki Waterpark is taking indoor waterpark fun to a new level and will ensure fun for the whole family, no matter the time of the year.

WaTiki Waterpark Coolest Waterpark

WaTiki Waterpark has been named one of the top indoor waterparks in America by Travel + Leisure!

As the largest indoor waterpark in the Dakotas, WaTiki Waterpark currently boasts a 30,000 square foot water world of family fun. Open year round, it is the place to be, especially as expansions make WaTiki Waterpark the premiere spot for birthday celebrations, reunions, and entertainment. The all glass enclosed structure allows for year round tanning when you aren’t relaxing in the hot tubs, racing down the Funky Frog Slide, or zipping down the Maui’s Body Slide. The expansions will feature the Aqualoop which will drop guests 50 ft before soaring them through a loop at 37 mph, the Banzai slide which will launch guests 35 mph, and above pool projection screens so guests can enjoy the water while watching their favorite televised sports and events!

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