Spring Break: Staycation in the Black Hills

With higher temperatures and a sun that is peeking around grey clouds, many of us are anticipating spring and summer time! One exciting time which many children and families alike look forward to is Spring Break, where they get a “break” from school during the spring. This time is usually about a week, but allows for children to rest and those in college often make travel plans to warmer climates to celebrate a break from school. Spring break can be a hectic travel time, with hard to book planes, crowded “hot-spots”, and expensive prices on everything. Instead of wasting time traveling this year, why not have a staycation in the Black Hills? A staycation in the Black Hills is a great way to have fun, save money, and experience awesome Rapid City attractions you may not have time to do normally!

WaTiki Indoor Waterpark

One top Rapid City attraction that you won’t want to miss on your staycation in the Black Hills, is WaTiki Indoor Waterpark! With 30,000 square feet of pools, slides, and splashing fun, WaTiki is the largest indoor waterpark in the Dakotas and is sure to be an adventure for every family member! This waterpark is enclosed by glass, has a newly renovated arcade, and is close to the always-yummy Sliders Bar & Grill. If you stay at one of the two hotels attached, Fairfield Inn and Suites or La Quinta Inn and Suites you can get 5 passes for only $29.95 for a full day of swimming adventures! WaTiki Indoor Waterpark also offers a military discount!

girl in pool with eyes closed_water drops falling on her

Reptile Gardens

Another hot spot for Rapid City attractions is Reptile Gardens! This is an oasis filled with lush vegetation, breathtaking gardens, and stunning tropical flowers. This place is also filled with creatures of all sorts! Take a peek at one of the largest collections of reptiles in the world! Snap a photo of one of the baby gators, learn more about bugs, or hop around with some of the always fun amphibians. You can even get up close to the Prairie Dog City or check out the rescued Bald Eagle, Cheyenne! This Rapid City attraction is the perfect addition to your family’s staycation in the Black Hills!


Rushmore Tramway Adventures
Whether you want a jam-packed adventure through the Black Hills or a scenic relaxing experience, this Rapid City attraction is a great adventure for your staycation in the Black Hills. Although Rushmore Tramway Adventures has been around almost as long as the Mount Rushmore National monument, nothing here is “old”! This exciting destination offers an alpine slide and zipline to descend the mountain at high speeds, an aerial park with a ropes course for climbers of all skill-levels, scenic smooth riding chairlifts to take in the nature around you, and of course there are beautiful gardens and hiking trails for those that want to take in the adventure on land! Experience the breathtaking outdoors and put a little adventure in your staycation in the Black Hills!

family walking in woods

These are just some of the fantastic Rapid City attractions that you and your family can experience during your staycation in the Black Hills, this year for spring break! Having a staycation in the Black Hills is a great way to not only have an adventure in your own backyard, but save money, and experience all that the Black Hills has to offer with the many Rapid City attractions!

ISIS Gives Back – With The Help of the Community Makes a Splash!

ISIS Gives Back 2014 made waves February 8th at WaTiki Indoor Waterpark Resort featuring Fairfield Inn & Suites, La Quinta Inn & Suites, and Sliders Bar & Grill. ISIS Gives Back raised over $40,000 with the support of the Black Hills community which will be donated to 12 local charities and organizations in the Black Hills.

One day of the year, ISIS Gives Back selects numerous ISIS properties to allocate 100% of all gross sales to that year’s beneficiaries. In the last five years, ISIS has contributed more than $200,000 to worthy causes in the area.

boy in pool_smiling_eyes closed_water drops falling

This year over $40,000 was raised by the community to go to beneficiaries which included Soccer Rapid City, Rapid City BMX Fund, Box Elder BMX Raceway, Front Porch Coalition, Arete Foundation in memory of Kevin Morsching, St. Thomas More’s Scott Grimsrud Scholarship, Northern Hills Alliance for Children, Destination Rapid City, Ranchers Relief Fund, Corner Stone Rescue Mission, Rapid City Club for Boys, and Storybook Island.

The Arete Foundation in memory of Kevin Morsching has participated in ISIS Gives Back since 2009, when the first ISIS Gives Back event helped to establish the Arete Morsching Scholarship. According to Kim Morsching, founder of the Arete Foundation, the proceeds contribute to four scholarships given annually in memory of her son, Kevin Morsching.

In addition to participating as a beneficiary, Morsching and her family attend ISIS Gives Back every year.
“I think it’s an amazing event that allows families to spend a lot of time together AND the proceeds go to local organizations,” said Morsching.

Caleb Arceneaux, ISIS Hospitality CEO, commented, “We feel that it is very important that all of us embrace the idea of giving back and contributing to the community in which we live.”

ISIS Hospitality thanks the community’s support for raising over $40,000 for local charities. Without your support, ISIS Hospitality could not have made such an amazing difference.