Swimming Safety Strategies for Indoor Waterparks, Pools, and Beaches

Water is everywhere. Playing in water can be fun, if you do not do it properly can be dangerous, especially for young children. Knowing different swimming safety strategies, can not only keep you safe the next time you take a dip, but keep those closest to you safe, such as your children. Swimming safety is important to know so when you go to your favorite indoor waterpark, WaTiki Indoor Waterpark, you can focus on things that matter most: having fun with your family.

Our first strategy for swimming safety is to always be attentive to your children when they are in the water. Giving children your undivided attention will allow you to be aware of whatever they are doing in the water and also help you be able to give them rules while they play, like no diving into the pool or no running along the sides of the pool. It also helps you be able to participate in your child’s fun at the indoor waterpark, because you can even participate with them by going down the slides or by splashing around with them.

Swimming Safety | Indoor Waterpark

Another important strategy for swimming safety is to never swim alone! Always have a buddy system set up when your child swims. Having a buddy is important, even when an adult or lifeguard is watching your children swim.

Always ensure that everyone in your family that is getting in the water knows how to swim. Swim lessons are a great way for children to learn how to swim properly in the water and gain confidence in many different types of bodies of water from indoor waterparks, to oceans, lakes, or personal swimming pools.

For those children that are very young or not quite great at swimming, have your child wear a life jacket, or even “floaties”. This is not so you will not have to supervise them, but it will allow them to be comfortable in the water and able to practice swimming with you and your family. This is a great strategy for swimming safety!

Swimming Safety | Indoor Waterpark

Before going swimming or taking a day at the indoor waterpark, your family should have a set of swimming safety rules. These rules can be anything from every so often you take a break and relax out of the water, that you must ask permission to get into the water, or even there will be no breath holding contests. By setting up rules and guidelines with your children, you can ensure swimming safety no matter where you are swimming!

Following these swimming safety guidelines are important when you want to have a splashing good time with your children in the water! WaTiki Indoor Waterpark is the largest indoor waterpark in the Dakotas and the spot for family fun! We offer fun slides for kids of all ages and amazing areas for smaller children to play in. Adults can relax in the hot tub, float down the lazy river, and spend time with their children in all areas of our indoor waterpark. For more information on our indoor waterpark call us at (877) 545-2897.