Health Benefits of Swimming

Taking a dip in the pool is not only a great way to relax, have fun, but there are many health benefits of swimming. Reaping the health benefits of swimming at WaTiki Waterpark has never been easier with our pools, lazy river, and even fun slides! WaTiki Waterpark is the perfect destination for you to have fun with your family and receive all the health benefits of swimming.

Improve Flexibility
One of the many great health benefits of swimming is that it actively improves your flexibility. When you swim at WaTiki Waterpark, you are actively using all of the muscles in your body instead of just one like you would using a machine at a gym. This allows for ligaments and joints to stay worked and flexible. Swimming allows you to stretch to legs, torso, back, neck, and of course arms with each paddle through the water.

Increase Strength
Swimming is a great way to increase your strength. Gaining muscle tone is another one of the excellent health benefits of swimming. Due to the increased density of water, every kick and arm stroke has to work extra hard against it, creating resistance. By working out with resistance you can gain overall strength much quicker than without.

Health Benefits of Swimming |WaTiki Waterpark

Low Impact
Another one of the many health benefits of swimming is that it is a low impact sport. Swimming at WaTiki Waterpark allows you to protect your joints and not put stress on your bones. This is opposite of running which can be hard on your feet, joints, and leg bones from the pressure of impact. Swimming and water aerobics is even suggested to those who suffer from arthritis as a great way to workout but not injure their bodies more. Swimming is also a great way to stay active even if you are injured because it is so low impact.

Healthy Heart and Lower Cholesterol

Swimming also has the health benefits of improving the health of your heart and helps you lower your cholesterol. Your heart is the most important muscle in your body and swimming is a great way to keep your heart healthy. Swimming not only helps your heart because it is an aerobic exercise but because it helps your heart pump more blood while you are doing it, improving overall blood flow. The working out of your arteries keeps your heart fit and working properly. Not only can it keep your heart healthy, but swimming has been known to lower cholesterol and help balance out “bad cholesterol”, or LDL cholesterol.

These health benefits of swimming are top-notch for keeping you the healthiest you can be. There are many different health benefits of swimming and these are just some. Come take a dive at WaTiki Waterpark and experience the health benefits of swimming. For more information on the great swimming opportunities at WaTiki Waterpark call (877) 545-2897.