WaTiki Waterpark Fun with New Waterslide Technology.

What began as a simple chute from platform to water has evolved into a wide variety of 21st century water-slides of different riding methods, shapes, and sizes. From indoor waterparks to giant outdoor mega attractions, waterpark fun has been upping the ante from traditional slide engineering to the latest in slide technology.

21st Century Slide Technology

Like everything else in the world, water-slide technology is always changing and evolving to bring the world of waterpark fun the next big thing. What’s the latest? Glad you asked!

AquaLoops are safety engineered slides that feature an inclined loop, as opposed to a vertical loop. These thrilling slides use a trap door to launch thrill-seekers through a wet and wild ride of a lifetime.

aqualoop waterpark fun

If you’re looking for an example of a bowl slide, one can currently be found at WaTiki! There are a couple of different variations to this slide type, but our Super Bowl slide features a steep drop down into a giant bowl that has you spinning and spinning before flushing you out the bottom.

waterpark fun bowl slide

Family Rafting
Family Rafting allows the family that plays together to stay together in one large circular raft that typically seats 4 – 6. These slides are characteristically less for the thrill-seeker type, and more for those looking for waterpark fun for the whole family.

Funnel slides take the concept of the bowl slide and tilt it on its axis. Instead of a circular motion, riders oscillate on the bottom half of the funnel before exiting out the back into a splash pool.

funnel waterpark fun

Dual or Multi-lane Racer
While dual slides have two side-by-side chutes, a multi-lane racer can accommodate anywhere from 4 to 8 racing sliders. It’s the perfect water-slide for those that like a fast pace—and also a little competition!

waterpark fun multi racer

Speed Slide
Speaking of fast, speed slides really get you going with steep initial drops to build your kinetic energy…and then let it loose!

Water Coaster
A water-slide and a roller-coaster combined? That’s two fun attractions in one ride! To be considered a “water coaster,” the ride must have ascending elements, as well as descending ones. Here’s where the mechanics come in—water coasters use jets, conveyer belts, and linear induction motors to lift and drop you, much like a roller-coaster.

Coming to WaTiki…

As the largest of indoor waterparks in a four-state region, WaTiki is staying up-to-speed with the 21st century water-slide technology and bringing you the following new slides in the summer of 2014, in addition to your favorite slides already located on site.

The Whizzard will be a dual-lane racer mat slide for battling in timed competition—an opportunity to engage in some waterpark fun and friendly competition!

The “Banzai” Slide– in general, banzai water-slides are gripping rides that release sliders at 35-mph when the bottom drops out of the launching pad.

The Aqualoop is sure to provide serious adrenaline rushes by dropping sliders down a 50-foot vertical before catapulting them through an inclined loop at 37-mph.

The new WaTiki expansion will break ground in April of 2013. Click here to see what else we’ve got in store. With the addition of a dual-lane racer, an aqualoop, and banzai water-slides, the waterpark fun to be had at WaTiki is sure to expand with the park’s sheer size!

About WaTiki Indoor Waterpark
Open year-round, the WaTiki Indoor Waterpark is fun for the whole family. With 30,000 square feet of aquatic wonderland, WaTiki is the perfect place for parents and kids to take a break in a safe environment that creates new family memories. Call WaTiki today at 1-877-545-2897 for more information about the biggest indoor water attraction in western South Dakota.